Swiss Air Seat Assignment

Swiss Air Seat Assignment-13
" Does the fact the flight is branded SWISS and SWISS say I can choose my seat during online check in give me any grounds for arguing for a free seat selection?

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Legroom was good and the IFE screen was very good and large. Overhead screens were present but no charging options installed.✅ Verified Review | Awful seats, lacking in good legroom, lower back and thigh support.

USB powerport also nice.✅ Verified Review | Very nice and spacious seats in our A320. I used the given pillow for additional lower back support but that was still inadequate.

Also when the seat reclines it does so right into your knees.

And in a window seat with the entertainment box taking so much of the legroom space this is unbearable.

The entertainment system is out of date with the old fashioned remote. ✅ Verified Review | What a mistake of Swiss to have this configuration of 3x4x3 in a plane (Boeing 777-300ER) that makes long flights.

Seats were extremely narrow, even eating was just a challenge.After completing the reservation with Aeroplan, I navigated to the SWISS website to reserve a seat.To my surprise, when I pulled up the seat map I saw this: Yellow with star is premium and white is not.I've booked an economy ticket from Buenos Aires to Zurich; it's branded SWISS but operated by Edelweiss Air.I was expecting I'd be allowed to choose my seat free at online check in; https:/…says: "Can I select or change my seat with the Edelweiss Air online web check in? says: "Can I choose my seat during Web check-in, as before?Many non-budget airlines now charge for seat selection. BA even charges for seat selection for Business Class, but not First Class.Heidi was traveling with Augustine and I wanted to reserve her a “throne” seat that would give her a bit of room and more privacy.In my last flight, on Swiss, I decided to seat on row 14, seat D. | Boeing 777-300ER reserved seat 22A At an extra cost of €100, of course you pay for the leg room. To avoid the IFE box being installed in the legroom of some seats I paid extra for a seat reservation.But the seats were so narrow for even for a small person like me it was hell. After boarding, however, I had to realize that there was such a box.Please note that the choice may be limited." I contacted Edelweiss Air to check this and they explicitly deny this is an option - to quote from their e-mail to me: "Our seats are charged for if you pre-book unless you are travelling in business class.When you check in 23 hours prior to travel online, you will be assigned a free seat automatically which will not provide you with the option to select a preferred seat." I'm not very happy about this; I booked expecting to be able to choose a seat at online check in for free and now I'll have to let them assign me one at random or pay a fee to reserve one. Does the fact the flight is branded SWISS and SWISS say I can choose my seat during online check in give me any grounds for arguing for a free seat selection?


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