Super Mesh Analysis Solved Problems

Super Mesh Analysis Solved Problems-61
The single mesh can be ignored, if current source (in that mesh) lies on the perimeter of the circuit.

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After the mesh equation is formed, a dependent source equation is needed.

This equation is generally called a constraint equation.

Figure 1 labels the essential meshes with one, two, and three.

A mesh current is a current that loops around the essential mesh and the equations are set solved in terms of them.

This is because there are fewer mesh currents than there are physical branch currents.

In figure 2 for example, there are six branch currents but only three mesh currents. These equations are the sum of the voltage drops in a complete loop of the mesh current.

This leads to one equation that incorporates two mesh currents.

Once this equation is formed, an equation is needed that relates the two mesh currents with the current source.

This will be an equation where the current source is equal to one of the mesh currents minus the other.

The following is a simple example of dealing with a supermesh.


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