Sun Country Seat Assignments

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"And what we are doing at Sun Country that's a little bit different is we are bundling the fees." Passengers who book tickets for Sun Country flights will soon select between three baggage "bundles" depending on whether they want to carry on, check or not bring luggage on a flight.

The highest fee affects those who bring their roller suitcase or duffel bag into the airplane cabin to store in an overhead bin.

Sun Country was great to fly with to and from my destination.

I asked if they had blankets or if they could turn off the air. I'm happy I see for myself about things and not always go by reviews.

This caused problems for airlines in the boarding area and aboard the plane.

The abundance of travelers carrying large luggage into the cabin often leads to departure delays.

They finally checked us into a hotel at 2.30 am the following day. Their hidden fees with baggage and their complete lack of transparency with delays prompted me to write my first airline review ever.

Worst customer service ever, never fly Sun Country. I’m stranded Chicago O'Hare at 4pm, with no representative and a lost bag. By far the worst flight experience ever and now with loss of personal belongings to boot. It's been awhile since I have flown and I remember Sun Country actually caring about their customers.

The seat-related fees, for instance, will vary depending on the time of year, length of the flight and whether it's an aisle, middle or window seat.

With the move, Sun Country moves a step closer to the pricing structure of ultralow cost carriers, which impose fees for services that are standard on other airlines.


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