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Second to defining your goals and objectives is transparency.

Second to defining your goals and objectives is transparency.

Everyone should understand the purpose of the change and how it can benefit them.

Don’t be afraid to address some of the knowledge management problems your organization faces right off the bat.

Employees will most likely use your knowledge management platform if they see their peers having success with it.

This is why it’s important to identify one or multiple members of your organization to be your internal champions.

When you define your goals and objectives, you need to take into consideration each group who will be affected.

Meet with each of the department heads and other company leaders to discuss and clearly define the goals and objectives for your knowledge management solution.

If the expensive new toy that your employees need sits unused, nothing will change; employees will still complain that they don’t have the tools necessary to be successful.

The truth is that this happens more than you might realize, and knowledge management platforms are no exception.

Even if your knowledge management platform has AI-driven search, establishing a knowledge hierarchy can help new users browse and discover new content and can aid in curation down the road.

Take the time and really think about a knowledge structure that makes sense for your organization.


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