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It has made many people lazy and changed the way people perform their daily life activities.

But in its race to conquer human mind, Google is making users stupid. "Critical Issue: Using Technology to Enhance Engaged Learning for At-Risk Students." Learning point Associates. The main focus of the article is on the harmful effects of the internet on a person’s cognition which reduces the capability to concentrate, ponder, and contemplate.

Google is making us stupid primarily for three reasons: 1. North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 1997. Carr has argued that rapid approach to information by using the internet has led us......

With vast store of information, people are developing the habit of skimming over the information rather than focusing on important content or issues; 2. June 15, Google is Making Us Stupid Technology has been growing exponentially over the last several centuries.

This is at such a rapid rate, that what seems a natural and obvious thing to do today like talking to someone a hundred miles away would have had one burned at a stake two centuries ago (if one had claimed to).

It is the belief of this author that neither of the sides to this debate has all of the facts or is utilizing them to the correct degree.

Rather, technology, although a definite aid in accomplishing tasks that would otherwise take quite a while has become something an addictive aid that threatens to reprogram the way in which the human mind and creativity are evidenced.

In this age, and time information has become monumental in quantity.

In fact, one can find out answers to anything ranging from, the best way to format a hard drive to the best method of committing suicide.

The particular article in question which this brief analysis will discuss is that of Nicholas Carr’s ”Is Google Making Us Stupid? The pervasive paradigm shift that Carr discusses has occurred over the past 20 to 30 years has been hailed by many as a great move forward with regards to the overall capabilities and development of the human race.

However, there is an alternate view as well; one which warns against the fact that many individuals within society are slowly but surely becoming addicted to the very technology that was initially intended to aid them in accomplishing tasks of different varieties.


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