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Strategy research has traditionally focused on strategy formation and neglected strategy execution.To fill this crucial knowledge gap, I investigated why strategies succeed or fail.Foreign entry commitment as a human choice : an empirical study of how firm and manager experience impact the entrance decision and entry mode choice through the managerial assessment of host country conditions in China.

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Strategic organizations are able to survive longer, perform better, and elicit favorable evaluations from their stakeholders, thereby shaping how industries change over time.

Their research examines competitive advantage at the business and corporate levels, learning and capabilities, organizational design and strategy implementation, innovation and leadership, institutions and industry evolution.

Strategy is about creating and defending a competitive advantage in changing environments.

To be successful, organizations must leverage and renew their resources, competencies and leadership skills, sometimes in multiples industries at the same time.

For decades survey after survey reveal that most strategy implementations fail.

Fewer than 15 percent of organizations around the world report that they are successful at strategy implementation.

This Ph D thesis investigates strategy implementation and its reasons for success or failure.

It presents a comprehensive framework for succesful strategy implementation.

This presentation of my Ph D thesis on strategy implementation presents the Strategy Execution Framework consisting of 18 success factors related to the process, content and context of the implementation effort.

Collectively, these factors help organizations develop and implement their strategies to achieve sustainable organizational success.


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