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In short order, the class covering this odious subject became much more fun because it introduced an element of creativity. Stories of the ancestors were passed on from one generation to the next.Through these stories, children learned such things as how their people came to be, how they should live and interact with their community, how to pick up and master certain life skills, and so much more.

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Consider these activities: From stone-age hunters who would regale their tales of slaying beasts to soldiers who reflected on their experiences in wars, storytelling has always been a powerful medium for communicating ideas, documenting history, and sharing knowledge with others.

In the classroom, teaching through storytelling can enhance an already interesting subject and enliven an otherwise boring subject to get your students more excited about learning.

One way to do this is by turning the lesson into an adventure.

For example, Classcraft brings storytelling to life by allowing you to create quests for your students to embark upon as they navigate your lesson objectives.

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Laura, and you can reach her any time at Laura. As I said, it was the perfect time to practice writing with my left hand — perhaps not the best use of my time, but who could blame me? Now, the sad part is that I actually love history (and I even loved it while I was in that class).I love the stories and the characters who show up throughout time. Yet there was one particularly memorable class in middle school in which grammar suddenly became more interesting.I typically distinguish between exercises and assignments. I've included a single page handout and the video demo I make available to the students.While I grade exercises for completness this is just a check list approach. In this first assignment, sequence, message passing and use of story telling features are explored. I'm currently using Moodle as part of my course in a "blended" program.In the past six years, we have explored locative media, webisodes, Arduino, i Books, Twine storytelling and augmented reality books. We’re filming The video opens with viewpoint oriented out the windshield.This view is familiar to anyone who has ever been in a car, and the opposing view – the view of the driver – is likewise familiar to anyone who has ever seen a movie or TV Show scene filmed in a car.To get your students more excited about history, you can: Throughout history, music has been used as a way to share ideas and experiences with others.Thus, it’s an entirely valid form of storytelling, even in songs without lyrics.Listed below are other ideas for incorporating storytelling into your teaching, as well as links to ready-to-use Classcraft lessons.For the sake of simplicity, I’ve divided these ideas and techniques into different subjects, but if you teach in a self-contained classroom, you could easily overlap many of them.


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