Steps To Write An Exemplification Essay

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It is a logical conclusion that these examples of figurative speech have a practical, evidence-based background.

Although there is a conviction that humans are superior over the other species, they have much more in common with other animals than it seems, as there are many examples of animal traits existing in people’s character and behavior.

There is really nothing difficult about this essay type. The response to this question is simpler than you think.

You have to make three simple steps to succeed: read our guide, choose a nice topic, and create an outstanding exemplification essay. An exemplification essay is a type of an argumentative or analytical essay which uses examples to prove the thesis statement.

One paragraph is for your introduction, one for your conclusion, and three paragraphs for the main body (one paragraph = one idea one example).

Step 5: Write the main body Surprisingly, the body is the part of your essay to write first. Each paragraph of the main body should consist of a topic sentence, transition, and example.

Your topic should satisfy at least one of the following qualities: Such topics are attractive to readers as they think that they’ll get new, unusual, or up-to-date information from your text. Broad topics are too general to be interesting, while narrow topics won’t allow you to find good examples easily. Remember that the more information you’ll get, the better examples you’ll have for your exemplification essay example. We’re begging you not to use Wikipedia articles as a source of data. Step 3: Choose appropriate examples Keep in mind that your examples should not only be interesting but also applicable.

For example, when you write about the personal qualities of leaders, you can use an example of Bill Gates.

An argumentative essay seems to be a more appropriate and easier way to prove your point of view.

On the other hand, examples are the best and the most understandable way to illustrate your idea.


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