Steps In Conducting Research Paper

Steps In Conducting Research Paper-17
Always look for available works on your topic and its dimensions.

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Selecting the right topic for your research is very important, it’s even important than writing the actual research paper.

Thus its very important that you do not choose a topic in which you cannot find matter or in which you cannot collect.

Whether you are an academic working for a university, an independent researcher or a college/graduate student writing a supervised research paper, qualitative studies require a set of steps to follow. Qualitative studies aim to explore and/or describe, not explain phenomena.

The question should reflect precisely what you aim to explore or describe in your study.

Examples of qualitative approaches include ethnography (immersing yourself in one specific culture or group of people to conduct in-depth interviews and observation), phenomenology (exploring the participant's subjective interpretations), grounded theory (creating new theory that is grounded in the data) or action research (the researcher is part of what is being studied, such as a teacher researching her own classroom). Common qualitative methods include participant observation, direct observation, interviewing and document reviews. For example, if you are conducting an ethnographic study you would want to rely more heavily on observation techniques. Typically, qualitative researchers will analyze their data using a system of alphabetic codes that express different themes or concepts that emerge from the information. This will include your name, academic institution and the title of the research. This is a brief paragraph, less than one page long double-spaced, that includes the basics or a summary of the research. Include a literature review with information that you have already found in peer-reviewed journals.

Add information on your research methods and procedures, such as how the sample was chosen, who the participants are and the design. Include a discussion of the findings as they apply to general theory and the specific field.But how to go for conducting research is one of the major problem faced by many scholars and students.If you are sure by going to the library, reading articles books and posts online will help conduct the research, wake up! This article will help you to write your research in flawlessly.Most qualitative papers should follow APA style format.This is the accepted social and educational science format.It is suggested that you choose a topic, which is easier and interesting to you.A common mistake that almost all make is that they tend to write a research paper which is complicated to the writer and tends to show it off as interesting to the reader.When you find a good book, scan the bibliography for additional sources.Look for book-length bibliographies, literature reviews, and annual reviews in your research area; this type of resource lists hundreds of books and articles in one subject area.If you don't have enough information to express your topic idea as a specific question, do some background reading first.Additional details on exploring your research idea Consult general reference sources, e.g., an encyclopedia, before jumping into more specialized and specific searches.


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