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Such skills and knowledge include resource assessment, choices among energy alternatives, and carbon management, as well as the basic scientific background and technical skills common to engineers. Courses taken to fulfill the requirements for the major (energy resources core and depth; mathematics; engineering fundamentals; science; and technology in society) must be taken for a letter grade if the option is offered.

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for immediate participation in many aspects of the energy industry and graduate school. The Energy Resources Engineering undergraduate curriculum is designed to prepare students for participation in the energy industry or for graduate studies, while providing requisite skills to evolve as the energy landscape shifts over the next half century.

Energy Resources Engineering contributes to the engineering science needed to maintain and diversify the energy supply while finding the most rapid pathways toward greater energy sustainability.

Energy Resources Engineering is concerned with the production, transformation, and impacts of energy resources including renewables and fossil fuels.

The department is housed in the Green Earth Sciences Building. The curriculum includes basic science and engineering courses that provide sufficient depth for a wide spectrum of careers in the energy, engineering, and environmental fields.

It operates laboratories for research in enhanced oil recovery processes, geological carbon storage operations, and geothermal engineering. One of the goals of the program is to provide experience integrating the skills developed in individual courses to address a significant design problem. degree in Energy Resources Engineering are similar, but not identical, to those described in the "School of Engineering" section of this bulletin.

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The application includes a short form, an unofficial transcript, and a 2-3 page research proposal prepared by the student and endorsed by a faculty member who serves as the research adviser.

Upon approval, students enroll in the honors program via Axess.


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