Sportsmanship Definition Essay

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Sportsmanship is the ethical and moral dimension of sports. sportsmanship refers to virtues such as fairness, self-control, courage, and persistence, and has been associated with interpersonal concepts of treating others and being treated fairly, maintaining self-control if dealing with others, and respect for both authority and opponents.

Most probably we are shaking hands with the oppositions before a game. Usually, umpires don’t give bad decisions willfully.

But can you carry on that affability throughout the game? Such bad decisions can bring you either an advantage or a disadvantage.

This is the reason why you guys line up after each game to shake the hands of your opponents at the end of each game… Sportsmanship includes playing fair, following the rules of the game, respecting the judgment of referees, and treating your opponents with respect.

As a general rule of thumb, it makes sense to look at sportsmanship in a similar way that we view friendship…

It is demonstrated by a number of attributes and attitudes such as fair play, respect for the rules and traditions of the sport and various traits of good character including integrity (abiding by the letter and spirit of the rules and concepts of honor); demonstrated respect for others including teammates, opponents, officials and spectators; accountability, self-control, and graciousness in victory and defeat. A competitor who exhibits poor sportsmanship after losing a game or contest is often called a “sore loser” (those who show poor sportsmanship after winning are typically called “bad winners”).

A sore loser refers to one who does not take defeat well, whereas a good sport means being a “good winner” as well as being a “good loser”. Sore loser behavior includes blaming others for the loss, not taking responsibility for personal actions that contributed to the defeat, reacting to the loss in an immature or improper fashion, making excuses for the defeat, and citing unfavorable conditions or other petty issues as reasons for the defeat.

But over time the term was stretched to include unimpressive, nonchivalrous behavior, like losing without whining too much or making it through an entire game without assaulting a referee.” ― “A decayed body is not made the least more aesthetic by a brilliant mind, indeed the highest intellectual training could not be justified if its bearers were at the same time physically degenerate and crippled, weak-minded, wavering and cowardly individuals.

What make the Greek ideal of beauty a model is the wonderful combination of the most magnificent physical beauty with brilliant mind and noblest soul.” ― “How you harangue referees. How you make a meal out of every tackle to try and get the other player booked.


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