Split Thesis Statement

Instead, good academic writing requires regular practice.

Law school does little to assist here, since all too often the periods for working on one’s Note are isolated and scattered due to the time constraints imposed by classes, journal work, clinics, and extra-curricular activities.

In college, all-nighters might produce passable term papers, but that approach certainly won’t do here.

Nor will exam writing really prepare you for legal academic writing.

Either way, you should try to work steadily on the Note so as to avoid losing momentum and focus.

While some may have a greater facility for language than others, there is nothing natural about good writing. To practice without models of good writing is, however, pointless.

Often the effect is just to defamiliarize the text, so you see it differently.

If writer’s block still persists and the words elude you, take a break.

It may prove futile to try to write against your natural rhythm.

If I try to refine as I write, or if I write in the middle of the afternoon, I find myself producing very little.


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