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The Turing s probability estimation of n-grams is discussed in detail.The search strategy used in the language model is also described.In several applications, text-to-speech techniques are used by robots to provide feedback to humans.

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Indeed, these errors are frequent in human-machine dialogue and have usually repercussions on all components of the spoken dialogue Character error correction for Chinese speech recognition system FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT With continuous speech recognition technology, one can input documents to computer very fast.

Unfortunately, speech recognition can not achieve 100% accuracy, and users have to correct the recognition errors.

In order to implement a speech recognition system, language-dependent knowledge which goes beyond A Speaker: Independent Continuous Speech Recognition System Using Biomimetic FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT..---In speaker-independent speech recogni:tion. This Pa Per describes the use of Word recognition from the DARPA resource management database with the Cambridge recurrent error propagation network speech recognition system FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Recent work with Recurrent Error Propagation Networks has shown that they can perform at least as well as the current best Hidden Markov Models for speaker independent phoneme recognition on the TIMIT task.

Acw curate phoneme recognition is An SVM Front-end Landmark Speech Recognition System FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Support vector machines (SVMs) can be trained to detect manner transitions between phones and to identify the manner and place of articulation of any given phone.

This improved VQ approach performs an optimal distribution of VQ codebook components on HMM states.

This technique, that we named Analysis and Optimization of Telephone Speech Command Recognition System Performance in Noisy Environment FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT.

This paper deals with the analysis and optimization of a speech command recognition system (SCRS) trained on Czech telephone database Speechdat (E) for use in a selected noisy environment.

The SCRS is based on hidden Markov models of context Understanding the CMU Sphinx Speech Recognition System FREE DOWNLOAD CF Liao , Department of Computer Science, National Chengchi ,ABSTRACT The Sphinx-II is a speech recognition engine developed by CMU.

Based on the phonetic analysis of ten Chinese dialects, we have created a Chinese super phonetic system for the Chinese speech recognition.

To exam this phonetic system and develop Recognition error handling by the speech understanding system to improve spoken dialogue systems FREE DOWNLOAD The aim of this paper is to increase the robustness of speech understanding facing the different kinds of recognition error.


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