Special Interest Groups Essays

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The elitist theory challenges the pluralist view, arguing not all groups are represented and the ones that are not represented equally.

It argues further that public policy is primarily influenced by a small elite group rather than by a wide array of interest groups or the general population.

A special interest group is a group that, in pursuit of its goals, lobbies for government assistance or against government interference. However, concerns about the disproportionate influence of interest groups, as well as the unbalanced influence among those groups, remain despite the passage of various laws governing lobbying and the participation of special interest groups in campaigns.

founding fathers created separation of powers, checks and balances, and federalism in order to keep such groups from gaining too much power or influence.

Electioneering occurs when interest groups raise funds to sponsor their preferred candidate for a government position.

The public Interest groups focus on issues that concern the general public such as social, health and environmental.

Lobbying is done by lobbyists who are employed by interest groups to represent them before policy makers in order to make their interest known.

Litigation on the other hand involves using the court to influence policy.

They are majorly concerned with a wide scope of issues but when their scope is reduced to a single cause, they are referred to as a single issue group.

These groups normally possess financial and human resources needed to initiate an action to influence policy.


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