Spanish 3 Essay Prompts

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That said, here are a few shorter projects: Postcard project (Level 1): Students pretend they are on vacation in a Spanish Speaking country. Secret Valentines: Select another student’s name for each student (boys to boys, girls to boys, girls to girls) and have them write super cheesy valentines to their secret valentine.

Pass out an index card and have students draw/print and paste photos of the scenery on one side and describe their vacation on the other. ., Fuimos a, Vi, Vimos, Fue muy divertido, muy interesante, un viaje fantástico.). Tell them that the whole point is to write the cheesiest valentine.

They then write about the person that they have created, describing their likes and dislikes.

How to Project: Write instructions explaining how to make or do something (could be a recipe or a simple craft).

She loves sharing Ideas for integrating Project-Based Learning in the world language classroom, including example projects, lessons, assessment tips, driving questions, and reflection.

The AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam will test your ability to apply communication and language skills developed in the course and ask you to demonstrate your understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures.Get this free template in the Free Resource Library.Instagram Posts: Students take photos and write Instagram posts describing what they did over the summer, winter break, spring break, etc.Create a Pamphlet: Make a pamphlet or brochure for a gym/weight loss program.One Crazy Family: Write about a crazy family and all the crazy things that they did all week long. On Tuesday, Marta ate worms and crickets for dinner.Without further ado, here are some ideas: For level 1, I focus primarily on speaking and communication skills for at least the first half of the year before adding in a whole lot of writing. We saw lots of interesting animals: iguanas, agouti, and wild parrots. Social Media Profile: Have students write their own Facebook profile or other social media profile.Sentences or short paragraphs are fine, but avoid long compositions until they are more confident and competent with their communication skills. They can answer questions such as: Where do you live, what do you like to do, what is your profession, etc.Write an Instagram post that you would include with a picture of a dog or cat that is up for adoption there in order to inspire people to adopt.Follow the outline: Laura Sexton is a passion-driven, project-based language educator in Gastonia, North Carolina.I WANT that Seal of Biliteracy on my students’ diplomas!But since our school schedules are set up in such a way that kids basically have to beg for even Spanish III to be squeezed in between college classes, a test is the only way to make that happen.


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