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But Brooks just doesn't have it in him to really make the Nicholson character mean. This goes back to a lack of subtlety that likewise doesn't serve Spanglish well.

But Brooks just doesn't have it in him to really make the Nicholson character mean. This goes back to a lack of subtlety that likewise doesn't serve Spanglish well.

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Only she's not really an alcoholic, because she's an old lady with no discernable health problems who can stop drinking whenever she likes.

So it's another Brooksian adorable disease like Debra Winger's in Terms of Endearment or Jack Nicholson's OCD in As Good As It Gets. Eventually, Deborah and Flor discover their massive shared cultural differences, particularly as concerns raising children.

I'm not sure what Brooks was trying to say here exactly.

If you want to make that movie, go for it, but don't pretend it's social commentary. There's an abandoned subplot here about Bernice, the Clasky's daughter, who has something of a weight problem.

Don't tackle real-world issues in such a flippant, mindless manner. Deborah, in full-on harpy mode, purposefully buys her new clothes that are too small, so she can "grow into them." I thought for a while that Brooks might have something ambitious in mind for this subplot. Sure, it's Flor and John's story, and it's about how they find themselves falling for one another, but surely Flor knows some Mexican men?


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