Solving Word Problems Involving Linear Equations

Solving Word Problems Involving Linear Equations-71
In a certain Algebra class there is a total of 350 possible points.These points come from 5 homework sets that are worth 10 points each and 3 hour exams that are worth 100 points each.A student has received homework scores of 4, 8, 7, 7, and 9 and the first two exam scores are 78 and 83.

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So, we’ll start this section off with a process for working applications.

Let’s start things off with a couple of fairly basic examples to illustrate the process.

One car is moving at a speed of 100 mph and the other is moving at 70 mph.

Assuming that the cars start moving at the same time how long does it take for the two cars to meet?

In other words, the student will not be getting an A in the Algebra class. All that the student will need to do is get at least an 84 on the third exam. The width of the set of shelves needs to be 4 times the height of the set of shelves and the set of shelves must have three shelves in it.

If there are 72 feet of wood to use to build the set of shelves what should the dimensions of the set of shelves be?

Doing this gives, \[1.15p = 78.50\hspace \Rightarrow \hspacep = \frac = 68.26087\] The store paid .26 for the calculator.

Note that since we are dealing with money we rounded the answer down to two decimal places.

This problem is pretty much the opposite of the previous example.

Let’s start with defining \(p\) to be the price of the shirt before the sale. This means that 0.35\(p\) has been subtracted off from the original price.


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