Solving Distance Word Problems

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For instance, if the problem says you traveled at 70 miles per hour for 15 minutes, then r = 70 and t = 0.25.

Since the speed is given in miles per hour, the time should be in hours also, and 15 minutes is equal to .25 hours.

In this problem, you'll use it once for Train A and once for Train B.

To keep things straight in your mind, you should use little descriptive subscripts.

The second year their production increased by 15% and 10% respectively, and the total amount of milk increased to 9100 litres a year.

How many litres were milked from each cow each year?

If he sold 360 kilograms of pears that day, how many kilograms did he sell in the morning and how many in the afternoon? This must be equal to 360.x = 360$$x = \frac$$x = 120$ Therefore, the salesman sold 120 kg in the morning and \cdot 120 = 240$ kg in the afternoon. Together the three of them picked 26 kg of chestnuts. So $x 2x x 2=26$x=24$$x=6$ Therefore, Peter, Mary, and Lucy picked 6, 12, and 8 kg, respectively.

Solution: Let $x$ be the number of kilograms he sold in the morning. Problem 2 Mary, Peter, and Lucy were picking chestnuts. Solution: Let $x$ be the total number of pages in the book, then she finished $\frac\cdot x$ pages.

If two of the tractors were moved to another field, then the remaining 4 tractors could plough the same field in 5 days.

How many hectares a day would one tractor plough then?


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