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Continue to look further Verstraete explains what he means by low-hanging fruit.“Anaerobic digestion now extracts, for example, biomethane from residual streams and this goes into the energy grid as a kwh.Doing the same thing over and over to achieve your goal is the definition of insanity. What makes them stand out is that they don’t give up.

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Anaerobic digestion can play a major role in this.” “We all admire the process of anaerobic digestion, but what we get out of this beautiful process actually does not mean enough.

Today we only pick the low-hanging fruit.” You rarely hear these words about biomethanisation. Professor Willy Verstraete from Ghent University has been active in the business for over 40 years and has won numerous (international) prizes in recent decades with his achievements.

You’ll get to the office and get a problem smack bang in your pretty face! Just because you set a goal, doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.

Many of life’s toughest goals take lots of attempts.

“With this link, we can fully upgrade all residual production from aerobic fermentation to high-quality products”, continues Verstraete. This is absolutely necessary if we want to address the climate problem!

And we are obliged to do so for the many young people who are committed to this.” Awareness According to Verstraete, anaerobic digestion is a designated dismantling system for a wide range of ‘waste streams’.Upon reflection, the time I’ve been the happiest has been when I’ve had the least amount of money.Countless studies have shown that money isn’t what your life’s about.Anaerobic digestion can make an important contribution to solving world problems.That will be the main message of keynote speaker Willy Verstraete during AD’16.Getting made redundant could be the one reality that makes you want to create your own startup.Having a customer leave could decrease your workload and create space for clients who won’t drain your time and make you no money.If you want to make a dent in this world, then the critics will come out of the closet.The bigger your aspirations are, the more you’ll be criticized. The solution is to learn from criticism, not be afraid of it.The number of critics you have is in direct proportion to your success. When you speak on a stage, for example, 25% of people will like you, 25% won’t know who you are and 50% of people will think you’re an asshole even though you’ve probably done nothing wrong. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a happy-go-lucky office worker, your career is going to get messed up at some point. Things you can never predict in your career are going to happen.The definition of business is this: Moving from one problem to another and making money in the meantime to fuel your mission. See career challenges for what they are: an opportunity to try something different.


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