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Arithmetic is the elementary branch which studies about numbers, their properties, and arithmetical operations.There are basically four operations- additions ( ), subtraction (-), multiplication(). A number is a figure or a value to denote the count or quantity of something.

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my mom always told me that one day I would be good at math.

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Wyatt can husk at least 12 dozen ears of corn and at most 18 dozen ears of corn per hour.

If he husks 72 dozen at a rate of 12 dozen an hour, this is equal to 72 / 12 = 6 hours. Almost always, you’ll see this type of question in the first four questions on the SAT Math section, meaning that the College Board consider these questions easy.

Given, Amount of cash Akshit won by lottery = Rs.157800 Amount Akshit had before winning lottery= Rs.45000 Total amount Akshit have after winning lottery= 157800 45000 Akshit have Rs.202800 as his current balance.

I told her, “mom, the day I become good at math, pigs will fly.” I think pigs just flew.

Geometry questions will be presented as word problems typically because the test makers felt the problem would be too easy to solve had you been given a diagram, or because the problem would be impossible to show with a diagram.

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