Solar Energy Farm Business Plan

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Yes, solar installations can support native vegetation and pollinator habitat species.Low-height plants can thrive underneath solar panels, avoiding the need for mowing and keeping the panels unshaded.Studies have shown that these temperature differences cancel out and that mean daily crop temperatures were similar under modules compared to full sun crops and there was no impact on crop growth rates.

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One study found that air temperature, humidity, and crop temperature under modules was similar to conditions of full sun.

This study found that soil temperatures at night under the modules was less than that of soil temperatures in full sun all day.

Sheep are commonly are being used for grazing for vegetation control at solar facilities in the United States and Europe as sheep do not climb on or harm the modules.

Raising the PV modules in height is not necessary to accommodate grazing as vegetation is accessible beneath the modules at standard heights.

Nonetheless, avian injuries and mortalities may occur through collisions with power lines, vehicles, fencing, and solar equipment and structures such as modules.

There are some concerns that birds might misconstrue solar installations for bodies of water and attempt to land on them, but this has not been proven.

There have been no studies linking solar development with pest problems, but studies have shown how native plants can thrive underneath solar installations.

Solar modules will actually cool crops and vegetation underneath during the day due to shading, and keep them warmer at night.

One study found that shading from solar modules produced lettuce crop weight equal to or greater than lettuce grown in full sun.

Yes, however, if desired, a security fence can keep out larger animals if they are deemed to be a damage risk to the modules.


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