Software Reseller Business Plan

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Gather information, define your value proposition, and prepare the right materials to give the best and strongest possible message to your potential customers.

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With people constantly on their phones, social media marketing and content marketing are two extremely important tools to increase your access to customers and solidify yourself as a subject matter expert on the payments industry. With content and social media marketing, there is more access to qualified leads, more channels to sell products, and lower costs to acquire customers.

A skilled negotiator is concerned with finding the right solution or product that is satisfactory to both parties involved, reseller AND merchant.

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They are looking for “win-win” scenarios, where everyone comes out of the deal feeling happy and well-taken care of.

To be an effective negotiator, you need to ask the right questions, be patient, and be prepared.Keep reading to learn more about the various ways you can monetize a software business: You can also download our detailed, professional business plan templates specifically designed for software and Saa S companies.Download the Saa S business plan template here, or download the software company business plan template here.It is important to find out who would most likely buy each product you offer.As stated above, merchants buy benefits and results, not products, so start by identifying your ideal customer. Knowing the factors that are driving a decision is crucial.We have just launched our Go-to-Market Toolkit, with guides, templates and checklists to plan a successful software launch.Check out the Toolkit here, or you can get a free Go-to-Market Checklist one-pager if you sign up for our FREE monthly newsletter here.Identifying who your ideal customer is, what problems they have to be solved, and the benefits of POS hardware for their business, all while pitching a clear sales message are some of the techniques discussed below: Most merchants are not in the market to buy products, they want to buy results that the product will give them.Instead of trying to sell hardware, VARs should focus on getting merchants hooked on the benefits of point of sale data and other features that better their business and increase sales.The relationship with the customer does not just end once they have signed the contract.VARs need to put in a lot of face time, showing customers how to optimize their payment technology.


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