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We benefit from excellent partnerships with practice teachers and statutory and voluntary organizations which employ social workers across individual, family and community services.We are continually striving to develop and foster these relationships.

It is an innovative programme, one of the newest programmes in the country, committed in particular to the promotion of human rights and social justice.

In high demand from its inception in 2004, the MA in Social Work programme provides accredited professional education and training in social work.

These may include undergraduate/postgraduate degrees such as Childhood/ Children’s studies, Geography, Law, Economics, Theology, Philosophy, if such degrees have included a significant proportion of social science related subjects.

Potential Candidates should contact the programme director to request an assessment of their eligibility.

A dedicated teaching room, with extensive computer facilities, is available to students.

The programme adheres to the definition of social work provided by the International Federation of Social Workers and expects Social Work students to adhere to both professional and university codes of conduct (see and for codes of ethics and practice).

The current Director of Social Work is Prof Caroline Mc Gregor.

The Practice Learning Co-ordinator is Ms Eleanor Kelly. Other staff members of the School of Political Science & Sociology and the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre staff are members of the programme board, module convenors and contributors.

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For fee type definitions and further assistance, see the Fee Calculator Help page.


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