Sibling Rivalry In Genesis Essay

Sibling Rivalry In Genesis Essay-83
Be aware of your natural proclivities and quickly put an end to favoritism in your home.Define each child's role and responsibilities in the home.

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Esau put his temporary, physical needs over his God-given blessing and sold his birthright to Jacob (Genesis -34).

When the time came for Isaac to bestow his blessing on his sons, Jacob and his mother contrived to deceive Isaac into blessing Jacob in Esau’s place.

" Answer: Jacob and Esau were the sons of Isaac and Rebekah and the first twins mentioned in the Bible.

Even before they were born, they were struggling together in the womb of their mother.

This indicates that the character being introduced is important to the story of the people of God, as Jacob proves to be.

Rebekah’s barrenness, a common motif in birth narratives of important people, reinforces the point that the one who is about to born is significant in the story that follows.

When Esau found that his blessing had been given to Jacob, he threatened to kill his brother, and Jacob fled (Genesis 27:1 - 28:7).

Years later, Jacob and Esau met and were reconciled (Genesis 33). God changed Jacob’s name to Israel (Genesis ), and he became the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. Edom was a nation that plagued Israel in later years and was finally judged by God (Obadiah 1:1-21).

Sibling rivalry--the jealousy and competition between siblings for their parents' love, affection, and attention--is nothing new.

In fact, the first recorded murder in history stems from the rivalry between two brothers--Cain and Abel--culminating in Cain's brutal murder of his brother, Abel (Genesis 4).


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