Short French Essay Holidays

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Like many of its neighbouring European cities, Paris is full of beautiful architecture and museums showcasing fine art from some of the world’s most respected artists.It’s a good idea, however: However, your family may not speak French, or share your enthusiasm to visit France over and over again… The evening shows may be viewed as “too risqué” for very conservative families, so be aware that with French speaking people, you’ll also get a bit of French culture, humor, attitude… First, you have to memorize that the French word for vacation is always plural: les vacances, mes vacances, des vacances…The verb and adjectives will also have to be plural to match “les vacances”.There is quite a difference between French workers: a public office manager takes an average 7.4 weeks of paid vacation, versus a farm worker/ artisan who takes 4.6 weeks. However, it’s true that in general, the French really enjoy a lot of vacation time: don’t go to France in August and expect to do a lot of shopping!A lot of stores close in August (listen to the tricky pronunciation of “Août” in my article) – and actually in January as well, especially in smaller countryside towns.I am curious about the landscape and the scenery in Paris.I am pretty sure that it would look fantastic just like I dreamt it would be.We call them: “les journées noires” (black days) and you should not plan on driving during these days if you don’t want to be stuck in endless traffic-jams (“les embouteillages”, “les bouchons”).Train and plane tickets, room prices, all goes up as well.French kids enjoy 16 weeks of vacation ( all the long weekends and official holidays…) The French school vacation is divided as follows: Since 1964, France is divided into “zones” to facilitate the departure of students for vacation : France is cut into three zones (A, B, C) and the vacation time spread over one month so that there is enough room for everybody in the ski stations! So now, every single French household with kids has to check out this map to know which zone they now belong to, and when the vacation for their kid is going to be.And forget about meeting your Parisians cousins for the vacation if you live in Brittany…


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