Short Essay Domestic Violence

Short Essay Domestic Violence-21
When domestic violence occurs there are different types of abuse that can take place. Physical violence includes slapping, kicking, or anything that is intended to physically injure the person.

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The problem of violence against women rages all over the world and is a crisis in almost all societies. government passed legislation called the Violence Against Women Act to combat this problem, and in 2000 the Violence Against Women Act was enacted again to strengthen the existing Act.

In the past, this problem was called domestic violence but has recently been changed to violence against women because the term domestic violence does not demonstrate that almost all cases of domestic abuse are men injuring women. The United Nations also has a set of laws and policies that the countries in the UN must abide by to protect women.

If you go back to Roman Times, if a wife was to ever cheat on her husband in the past, she could be sentenced to death.

During the middle ages, the husband had every right to abuse his wife.

According to this Act, " It is a federal crime for a person to travel interstate with the intent to injure, harass, or intimidate that person's intimate partner when in the course of or as a result of such travel of the defendant intentionally commits a violent crime and thereby causes bodily injury." The Act allows " It is also a federal crime to cause an intimate partner to cross state lines by force, coercion, duress or fraud during which, there is bodily harm to the victim." The Act also says that it is a federal offense to have possession of a firearm while subject to a protection order and to possess a firearm after being convicted of domestic abuse ( The problem with this Act is that its definition of an intimate partner ...

Domestic violence is a large social issue in the United States today, as well as all over the world.

Statistics show that many people who are abused in their childhood become abusers themselves.

These are various factors that can cause domestic violence.

As I have demonstrated, governments and organizations have tried to make laws and policies to protect and help women, but the violence continues. alone, there are many laws that try to help women and keep them safe.

We need to not only focus on the problem and ramifications but also on how to prevent this problem from occurring in the first place. In the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, the aim was to create laws that allow a person to be punished for a federal crime and not just be brought to justice by a state or local jurisdiction.


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