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The reader's emotional response to the story is correspondingly called mood.This mood should be similar to the author's intended tone.Some, though, will be more instrumental than others.

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Does the author seem to like or dislike the central character, or is the author indifferent to the character?

If successful in creating tone, the author is able to transfer the same emotional response to the reader.

Tone / Preparing for the C Exam Tone is the last element of literary analysis that you will consider in this course.

The first element, central idea, gauges the reader's intellectual reaction to the story.

That is, the analysis should demonstrate how the dominant elements cause the reader's emotional reaction that is the basis of the determination of tone.

Often, this analysis will center on character and conflict.When you analyze tone, you must tell how the author has used the elements of fiction to create the emotional reaction in the reader.As forecast in the Assignment 3 Lecture, you have written two kinds of analyses in this course.Just as tone of voice can convey an attitude or emotion, so does literary tone convey the author's attitude or emotions regarding the characters and the outcome of the conflict.If the statement of central idea reflects the reader's intellectual response to a story, then the determination of tone gauges the reader's emotional response to that story.How do you as reader feel for the central character at the end of the story?This final determination is called the author's dominant tone, and it is best expressed as an adjective.Tone, on the other end of the spectrum, gauges the reader's emotional reaction to the story.Both reactions are created by the author's fashioning of the story.The reader is usually primarily concerned with the character and the outcome of the problem.The author allows the character to win or lose, whichever is necessary to illustrate the central idea.


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