Senior Project Essay

It is the student’s responsibility to initiate discussion with the director in order to undertake revisions of the paper.Be advised that the director is not obliged to look at any draft material submitted later than one month prior to the due date.

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The object of the Senior Project in the Department of History is to enable students to pursue independent historical research on a topic of their own choosing and to report their findings in a substantial paper.

The work will be evaluated on the quality of the research, the originality of the thesis, the strength of the argument, the nature of the sources, and the clarity of expression.

By the end of the semester in which they are enrolled in History 600, students will have made significant progress in conceptualizing their Senior Project, completing the necessary research, and formulating an effective strategy for completing their project.

The course culminates in the Senior Scholar Symposium, where students give public presentations of their work to the Department and College community.

Also be aware that the project directors are not copy editors or proofreaders; do not expect them to do this kind of work.

Senior Project Essay

Students should familiarize themselves with the required format for the Senior Project, and follow these guidelines throughout the process: There are five steps for the submission of the Senior Project, all of which must be completed by the deadline listed below for the hardcopy; NB, final grades will not be submitted, which will delay graduation, until Steps 1 through 5 have been completed to the satisfaction of the History Department: Extensions will not be granted.

Students who do not earn a passing grade for History 600 will not be permitted to register for History 610, and will have to re-take History 600 in the following semester.

History 610 is a 4-credit course, offered every fall and spring; it is required of all majors, and it is graded on the A-F system only.

If students fail to complete the Senior Project, they will fail History 610.

In such an event, they will be notified in a timely manner.


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