Sea Turtle Research Paper

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These studies hinge on an unusual trait of sea turtles…

They are not much bigger than silver dollars when they hatch, struggle out of sand and stumble toward the sea, and most do not survive until adulthood.

Pfaller said, adding that if you approach a turtle before that point, it might get spooked.

But after the trance sets in, “you can work around them, measure them, collect samples if you need to,” he said.

There were once millions of sea turtles world wide, But because of several reasons such as hunting, fishing, marine debris and coastal development, today there are fewer than 200,000 mature females remaining.

The green sea turtle is listed as a threatened species and people need to get involved to make sure this beautiful species does not also become extinct.The volunteers attach tracking devices to the loggerheads so they can continue to follow their movements.These efforts are all part of a larger story about how wildlife conservation can work if it is collaborative and sustained over time, Mr.“I think one of the reasons why sea turtles have something of a success story here is that the community is highly collaborative,” he said.But when it comes to this year’s encouraging nesting data, it would be best not to count our turtles before they hatch.The green sea turtle is one of the largest of sea turtles.Adults can weigh an average of 400 pounds and are often found living near coral reefs and rocky shorelines.But if their mothers are any indication, these loggerhead sea turtles, once in such trouble they were designated as “threatened” by the federal government four decades ago, are making a comeback off the coast of Georgia.And it is beginning to look as if 2019 could be a record-breaking year, in terms of the number of female turtles who nest there.He said most people who patrol the loggerhead nests do so in the morning, after the turtles have come and gone. Hoffman and his team members on Cumberland Island are among those early risers.“Each morning,” he said, “you’re going to get a beautiful sunrise, that’s for sure.”For each nest they find, they remove a single egg to use as a DNA sample. Pfaller, who works on Wassaw Island at the northern reaches of the state’s coastline, go out at night.


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