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This redemption is not just for Scrooge buy for a Victorian society on the whole.

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Scrooge laments, "What else can I be,' returned the uncle, 'when I live in such a world of fools as this? If I could work my will,' said Scrooge indignantly, 'every idiot who goes about with 'Merry Christmas' on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. In this way, we can see that Scrooge does define himself according to his relationships with others, but in a decidedly negative way.

His conception of the world and its inhabitants as foolish and deserving of ridicule serves to isolate the man in a way that he can't totally perceive but that he does experience.

Particularly, it is notable that Dickens chooses to increasingly humanize rather than further demonize his subject.

If the story is ultimately a broad critique of the inequality of British society, it is telling the Dickens approached such a divisive character with such fairness.

This connection is not accidental and neither is the distance that Scrooge feels from other people.

According to Moncrieff, Dickens wrote with the intent to bring the element of human relationships into a discussion on the vast distance between rich and poor.

This is perfectly captured in the opening exchange with his nephew, whom he regards with hostility for what he perceives as an inexplicably cheerful demeanor.

Scrooge should be described as nothing less than hateful toward those around him, remarking that the poor people in his family and his employ should have no reason for joy in light of their struggles.

Moncrieff does give some insight into why this might be the case, indicating the Dickens financed the book himself after a falling out with his publishers.

In doing so, the author also chose to price the text at an extremely affordable rate and packaged in an eye-catching binding. 1) This decision would result in an extremely successful sales performance with many different populations.


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