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Big Moe died of complications from a heart attack on October 14, 2007.A founding member of the group "Woss Ness" with Rasir X and Mista Luv.Trae's trademark is a low deep voice while utilizing a fast flow, somewhat reminiscent of Flesh-N-Bone and Z-RO in the sense multiple vocal layers are often mixed into verses, yet uniquely maintains his own style.

Plus, he precisely balanced the fine line between the underground and mainstream.

Moe's songs were often street-themed, with intoxicants being a prime theme; yet they were simultaneously radio-friendly and hook-laden, with his breakthrough single, "Purple Stuff," being a perfect example.

Mike D is a rapper based out of Houston, Texas, who along with Clay Doe, Fat Pat and Mr. Mike D was able to create a lot of tracks with Fat Pat before his death, which are still included on new Southside Playaz CDs to this day. After leaving Rap-A-Lot, 3-2 released albums on N'yo Face and Street Game Records.

He has collaborated on tracks with UGK, Scarface, 8 Ball & MJG, Lil' Keke & Too Short.

He was introduced to Screw by his barber, Big Jut, a fellow Screwed Up Click member. DJ Screw was a central figure in the Houston rap scene.

He then teamed up with fellow Houston rappers Fat Pat, Lil' Keke, E. During the early 90s, he began slowing hip-hop instrumentals - some his, some by other artists - and invited some of the most renowned rappers from the south side of Houston to flow over his Screw tapes. He trail-blazed through the late-'90s movement and helped popularize the "Screwed and Chopped" which was created by DJ Screw and a style associated with his one time home, Wreckshop Records.DJ Screw died on November 16, 2000 from a lethal combination of codeine and other drugs. He was a member of the rap groups Dead End Alliance as well as Southside Playaz. Not only by appearing on countless "Screwed" DJ mixes but also a seemingly endless number of other albums to come out of the South, he also became one of Houston's most visible rappers, releasing solo albums for Jam Down Entertainment. C members and fans he is now signed with Swishahouse Records.Lil' Keke has become a well known rapper in Houston and continues to record albums annually. Lil' O is a southern rapper, born in Lagos, Nigeria to African parents and raised in Southwest Houston, Texas.He is an original member of DJ Screw's Screwed Up Click.He was also known as O or Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze.He dropped his debut album in 2000 "Blood Money" that garnered him major down south hits like the "Playa's Get Choose" and "Rags to Riches", the album sold over 30,000 copies independently.His next album "Da Fat Rat With The Cheeze" sold over 75,000 copies.He was also the host of Z-RO's first featuring on a tape. He released Screwed Up Fo Life in 2004 featuring Yungstar, Nino of P. Unlike most of the Houston rappers, who tended to offer a hardcore style, Moe offered a much more accessible one.He both rapped and sang, and his producers crafted smooth, melodic tracks that bounced along at a leisurely pace.He collaborated with Big Hawk on the hit single "Back Back"."Back Back" led him back to a nationwide deal with Atlantic Records, which he later left in 2003. While signed to Rap-A-Lot Records he was involved with three groups, The Convicts, Southside Playaz and Blac Monks, and released one solo album.


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