Scott Sanner Thesis

Cajigas-Du Ross PDF Aminoflavone Inhibits α6-integrin and Growth of Tamoxifen Resistant Breast Cancer, Petreena S.

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Since 2016 Sergio Jiménez Celorrio is a post-doc research fellow at the University of Melbourne.

Baldwin PDF The Role of Glucocorticoid Signaling in Prostate Cancer Health Disparities, Leanne W.

Burnham PDF RNA-Seq Reveals Transcriptomic Program Associated with Stemness in Taxane Resistant Prostate Cancer, Christina K.

Sanner PDF Clinicians’ Perspectives on Adopting a Lung Cancer Palliative Care Intervention, Shaunna Siler PDF Endothelin-1 and Hypoxic Vascular Remodeling in Ovine Fetal Cerebral Arteries, Jinjutha Silpanisong PDF The Effects of Seizure Modeling and Polyphenols on Behavior in Bang-Sensitive Drosophila, Alphonso A.

Smith PDF An Examination of Foster Youth Socialization to Dating and Sexual Behaviors, Rhoda L.Sergio is the recipient of the IJCAI 2016 distinguished paper award, co-organizer of the 7th International Planning Competition, co-organizer of three editions of the international workshop on Planning and Learning (ICAPS-2013, ICAPS-2011 and ICAPS-2009) and program committee of several international conferences and workshops on artificial intelligence.PDF Examining the Need for Psychosocial Services in Pediatric Non-Accidental Trauma, Samantha Nicole O'Bannon PDF Accreditation Perceptions and Involvement in Saudi Arabian Schools of Nursing, Amal Abdul Aziz Alaskar PDF The Wear of Acrylic Resin and Composite Resin Teeth against Polished and Glazed Zirconia, Abdulkareem Alshehri PDF A Cross-sectional Study on Korean American Mental Health Challenges and Help-seeking Behavior, Kelly Eunjung Baek PDF Microgravity Exerts an Age-Dependent Effect on Cardiovascular Progenitor Cell Development, Jonathan Baio PDF Estimating Root Volumes by Limited Segmentation: A Volumetric Analysis of CBCT and Micro-CT Data, Theresa C.Richards PDF Targeting LEDGF/p75 to Sensitize Chemoresistant Prostate Cancer Cells to Taxanes, Leslimar Rios-Colón PDF Demographic Differences in Resting State EEG in Healthy Controls and Patients with Schizophrenia, Keshia M.Sanders PDF Parental Distress and Child Behavior Problems: Parenting Behaviors as Mediators, Catherine M.Kim PDF Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Questionnaire-4-Revised in Asian Americans, Dean Lim PDF The Role of Wnt3a in Ischemic Stroke, Nathanael Matei PDF Evaluating Cognitive Changes in Patients Receiving Outpatient Alcohol Treatment, Michelle Mc Donnell PDF A Novel Exo-Proteomic Approach to the Study of Traumatic Brain Injury, Ron B.Moyron PDF Accuracy of Cephalometric Analyses and Tooth Movements of Conventional vs CBCT-Generated Cephalograms, Thanh Khong Ng PDF Reliability and Accuracy of a Novel Photogrammetric Orthodontic Monitoring System, Vahe Ohanesian PDF Healthy Aging: Factors that Predict Preservation of Cognitive Functioning in Older Adults, Imari-Ashley F.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .


Comments Scott Sanner Thesis

  • Scott Sanner - ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science

    S. Sanner, S. Guo, T. Graepel, S. Kharazmi, and S. Karimi 2011. Diverse Retrieval via Greedy Optimization of Expected [email protected] in a Latent Subtopic Relevance Model. In Proceedings of the 20th ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management CIKM-11.…

  • Monte Carlo Tree Search with Bayesian Model Averaging for the Game of Go

    Most of all, thanks to my supervisor Scott Sanner. I’m rather certain that I won’t be able to get more support than what I’ve had throughout this year. Thanks to his patience and care. Probably not the best outcome I have, but I know that it was the best opportunity I can imagine. Thanks to Scott for guiding me through this…


    I thank my committee members Mike Bailey and Scott Sanner for providing con-structive feedback on this thesis. I would also like to thank Nicole Thompson for her patience and guidance through thesis defense process. Thanks also goes to Daniele Maddaluno for providing the data dumps needed for Wikipedia Miner.…

  • AN ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS OF - Oregon State University

    AN ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS OF Zahra Iman for the degree of Master of Science in Computer Science presented on May 25, 2016. Title Learning Topical Social Media Sensors for Twitter Abstract approved Scott P. Sanner Social media sources such as Twitter represent a massively distributed social sensor over diverse…

  • By Scott Patrick Sanner - University of Toronto T-Space

    Scott Patrick Sanner Doctor of Philosophy Graduate Department of Computer Science University of Toronto 2008 We consider the general framework of first-order decision-theoretic planning in structured re-lational environments. Most traditional solution approaches to these planning problems ground…

  • Thesis Summary First-order Decision-Theoretic Planning

    Thesis Summary First-order Decision-Theoretic Planning Scott Sanner Department of Computer Science University of Toronto [email protected] Overview MDPs have become the de facto standard for modelling decision-theoretic planning problems. Recent work on MDPs has focused primarily on two research areas 1. Language extensions for MDP models.…

  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering - University of Toronto

    Scott Sanner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering. Previously Scott was an Assistant Professor at Oregon State University and before that he was a Principal Researcher at National ICT Australia NICTA and Adjunct Faculty at the Australian National University.…

  • Members Data-Driven Decision Making LabData-Driven Decision Making Lab

    Prof. Scott Sanner, PhD. Assistant Professor in Industrial Engineering Cross-appointed in Computer Science Email [email protected] Phone 416-978-4871 Office location BA8104. D3M Group Members March 2018 Post-doctoral Fellows. Dusan Sovilj Machine Learning for Adaptive User Interfaces Reda Bouadjenek…

  • Overview Thesis Summary First-order Decision-Theoretic Planning

    In this thesis summary, I outline current work and future directions for research in the areas of language extensions and exploitation of structure to efficiently represent and solve first-order decision-theoretic planning problems. 2 Previous and Current Research To date, previous and current research has focused primarily on exploiting.…

  • Thesis Summary First-order Decision-Theoretic Planning Scott Sanner

    In this thesis summary, I outline current work and future directions for research in the areas of language extensions and exploitation of structure to efficiently represent and solve first-order.…

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