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Under the SES-based assignment policy, they attended a school where 37.5% of students were white—a considerably more diverse school environment. WCPSS’ school assignment policy arguably did just the opposite.Still, the fact that overall racial and ethnic segregation levels remained relatively unchanged illustrates just how hard it is to achieve broad-based racial integration without pursuing it directly. Involuntarily reassign students if it comes down to that.

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More: Ie Reminder to all involved in @WCPSS athletics: Any time that school is canceled or dismissed early for inclement weather, all athletic activities are cancelled/postponed.

This includes all practices, competitions, workouts, and team meetings of any type whether on or off campus.

They are: Morrisville City Council member Jerry Windel foresees the new school as a good thing for the town because of community feedback.

"In the area of Morrisville specifically, our population is booming, which is a great thing but, at the same time, families want close proximity for their schools," he said. All families affected by the proposal have been contacted via email.

First, and most visibly, the district would reassign some students away from their neighborhood schools to other schools in the district.

Although this aspect of WCPSS’ assignment system generated the most controversy, it affected a relatively small number of students, typically only 5-10% annually. N4Tc AKW Red Wolf community, be safe today.

Grab a book, sit in conversation, help a neighbor, be present for someone today.

For example, over the time period we study, the average black student attended a school where 46.5% of students were white.

If all students had attended their neighborhood school, the average black student would have attended a school where 45.8% of students were white, a number that is slightly lower but not meaningfully different from segregation levels under the SES-based assignment policy.


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