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Nevertheless, there are a number of general and universal reactions to color, which seem to be noted in most persons.

Research on the psychological aspects of color is difficult for the mere reason that human emotions are not very stable and the psychic make-up of human beings varies from person to person.

Front doors are painted blue to ward off evil spirits.

Anyone raised with a deeply rooted sense of that hue would feel very safe in a blue environment.

It is interesting to note that color can have the same meaning cross-culturally.

In some communities of the Southeast, front porch ceilings were painted blue to keep ghosts from entering and haunting the premises, while in the Southwest, many Native Americans paint their doors blue to keep the bad spirits away. So, from nighties to sports cars, it is true that red literally can turn you on! The person buying the red sports car subliminally believes that he or she will be magically transformed into a sexy, dynamic and daring person.Please note that we are only scratching the surface by giving primary consideration to contrast.Contrast is one of the most basic and critical choices for color.Part of what’s at issue with these colors—the black versus the grays, the muted versus bright yellows—is the idea of saturation. You might think back to when you painted with watercolors as a child.If you really scrubbed your brush around in the yellow paint, you’d get a deep, bright yellow.Observe the colors around you—see what they do, and what impacts they have on you.Bring those ideas with you as you design with color.Basically, contrast deals with the brightness of one color relative to another—and contrast typically is pushed to its absolute envelope on the printed page.That's why black text on white paper is so common: the contrast between black character and white space increases legibility.Worse than that, red is culturally-coded to jar us (just like the bulls at the Plaza de Toros).That's why red is typically used on everything from stop signs and stop lights to warning labels and fire alarms.


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