Say Hi Or Die Essay

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In our generation we have all these teens using drugs and drinking alcohol on a regular basis, so by the time they are 25-30 years old, they’ve become alcoholics.

I want to be that person that helps them stop using drugs and drinking.

To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I started this.

After so much thinking, I decided I would compare the bond between patience and impatience to fire and marshmallows. This essay is one of the most descriptive one I wrote, and I'm proud of that. Yes.” The fire of impatience was burning inside me. This flame gets stronger whenever my impatience begins to grow.

Martin Luther King Jr., for example, made a change in the world and he is still known for his greatness 49 years later.

I want to be that person; 50 years from now, I want people to remember me for something great that I did.You have got to live a life you won’t regret 60 years from now, when your dying.You only get one life so take advantage of it, and do something great! I want to live an exciting life and achieve as much as I can.I’ve always been a girl to keep emotion to myself and never let anyone know how I feel.There were even times when I wouldn’t know what I felt.In order for me to know who I am as a person, I need to find myself.Only then will I be able to love myself and others.Creating a bond with my dad is the most important to me because I used to be close to my dad and he has always been someone I truly trusted.Even though that changed over the past year, I still want my dad to know that I need him no matter what.I don’t want to die knowing I didn’t have the one special person by my side.Before I die, I want to accomplish something that will make a change in our world.


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