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Energy conservation refers to the methods of reduction in energy consumption by way of elimination of wastage and promotion of efficiency.We know that due to the vast gap between demand and supply, lot of efforts is being done to bridge the gap in terms of generation of more electricity which requires lot of capital investment and apart from it creates lot of environmental concerns.The conductor losses are proportional to the resistance and the square of the current (I R losses) and can be minimized by using the optimum size of conductor for the application.

Full records should be maintained so that cost savings can be demonstrated and so that previously identified opportunities can be re-visited as costs and engineering solutions change.

An organised approach will help to show management that the best investments are being selected for further work.

Identification of energy saving opportunities must be carried out in a systematic manner so that it can be shown that the initiatives proposed are those which will yield the greatest benefits.

Major opportunities will arise during the planning of new buildings and plant where the incremental cost of high efficiency equipment will be easy to determine, the lifetime will be longest and there will be no or little, difference in installation costs.

The available savings in energy costs are substantial and accrue over the whole of the life of the installation.

Electrical energy is undisputedly the most vital element for industrial growth of any country.

The efficiency of electrical equipment has always been assumed to be high and the amount of electrical energy that is wasted in commercial and industrial environments is usually greatly underestimated and is often assumed to be unavoidable.

In fact, the efficiency of electrical equipment can be improved easily at low cost and because of the quantity of electrical energy used, this will yield substantial savings.

The fact that electricity is the only practical form of energy does not mean that it should be used without proper consideration.

While thermal savings are keenly monitored and can readily be measured, much less attention has been paid to the money that can be saved by attention to the design, specification and installation of electrical plant and power systems.


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