Sandra Cisneros Only Daughter Essay Analysis

Sandra Cisneros Only Daughter Essay Analysis-3
According to him, girl education without a husband is meaningless.Her father had the belief that going to school was one way of getting a husband.

The success can also be measured in terms of wealth one has.

The reason being, for one to be successful he or she must be able to commit to a situation and do extraordinary things that other fellows may not do, and admits mistakes once they arise without coercion.

Introduction/Thesis Statement Here it will be attempted to compare and contrast ideas in Sandra Cisneros’s essay Only Daughter with Deborah Tannen’s essay Sex, Lies, and Conversation—with regard to the following elements: the purpose of gender, the structure, and the purpose of the essays; the outcomes from the two stories; and how the action of writing assists with the development of identity or answering the question ‘why’? Women’s Short Stories of Realities in Life Real life stories about women, their feelings, emotions, struggles, characteristics are exciting topics for short stories.

There are a lot of stories about various lives of women both fictional and true story that have touched millions of people’s hearts.

However, after completing her education, she wins his father’s respect as one of her works is published.

It is at this point that he begins to regard Cisneros as being financially successful writer.

Her being the only girl among boys certainly made her feel lonely and bored at times.

Her writings were mainly because of her father and the community at large in trying to portray the cultural practices, which dominated her community.

The success must also be recognizable by someone else (Bowdon 92).

In the essay One Daughter, Cisneros is considered successful because of the various achievements she made in the society.


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