Sample Business Continuity Plan Small Business

Managing these risks by developing a business continuity strategy is key to the survival of any organization.

Business continuity planning is one of the most critical components of any recovery strategy.

If you change your plan significantly, it’s definitely worth another dry run to make sure the updated plans work.

We’ve put together a handy template if you’re putting together your own business continuity plan, based on the actual business continuity plan we use here at Crunch.

Walk through every step of your continuity plan and ensure each task is achievable, straightforward and necessary.

Businesses – especially fast-growing young businesses – change, so make sure your business continuity plan is updated regularly to include new systems, providers, members of staff, premises and / or equipment.

Proper coverage is a significant and important part of the plan.

But it may not fully cover some of the peripheral damages from an event, like loss of customers, loss of market share, or setbacks in development or release of a new product.

Similarly, data loss isn’t the huge risk it used to be now that most company email and storage is hosted by Google, Microsoft, Amazon or other providers who look after data on our behalf.

Even so, a business continuity plan is essential as your business grows – and if the worst should happen it could very realistically save your firm from going under.


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