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The BGAN satellite network offers broadband Internet connections for phone calls and data transmission. Mc Bride, Winter and other photographers talked to PDN about how they use solar power to run gear when they’re off the grid, as well as how they handle image storage when they want to travel light. During his long trips into remote, open country in northern British Columbia, Paul Colangelo had to contend with local grizzly bears.

Specifically, we worry about the dangers they face when working in areas of conflict and disaster, and the physical and legal risks they face in their daily lives.

We’ve compiled advice from a variety of experts—including lawyers, insurance brokers and some intrepid veteran photographers—on how to protect yourself, your work and your business. Clients and family members expect photographers to stay connected while they’re in the field, no matter where they are.

Especially for freelancers, he says, “You need to be a part of a community.

You’re not going alone and you shouldn’t think of yourself as going alone.

“One is, know what your fire is doing at all times, so if I’m engrossed in making a picture at night, and there’s a wind shift, I need to be completely aware of that, because if I’m not monitoring what the fire is doing, I could put my life in jeopardy. I can listen in on [firefighters’] communications, so if something happens, I’m aware of it, and I can react accordingly.” Palley also talked to PDN about the equipment he packs.

His kit includes a Hot Shield fire shelter, “a necessity,” he says. Eliot Stempf, who provides security advice to photojournalists and reporters working for Buzzfeed News, told PDN that he recommends freelancers always have an emergency plan in place for a worst-case scenario (abduction, arrest, traumatic injury, etc.).For photographers who have to lug their gear on their backs, he recommends a version that weighs only 3.7 pounds.He tested it himself—by accident—and described the jolt as “pretty sharp.” The fence gives him “a little peace of mind” when he goes to sleep at night, though he’s never seen a bear try to touch the fence.They are showing that we really don’t have a lot of control [over nature].So I’m showing what in my opinion is [the effect] of climate change here in California, and I think it is an important historical occurrence that needs to be documented.” Palley, who has taken fire training with the U. Forest Service, described some of the safety rules for moving around fire zones.“Don’t focus on the most dramatic thing that could go wrong.Also think about car accidents, crime, water-borne illness.One challenge is that almost everything—cameras, computers, speed lights, hard drives, cell phones—now depends upon reliable battery power.“I love going into remote parts of the world, but this is one of the hardest parts: I don’t think people realize the battery and media management challenge,” says photographer Peter Mc Bride.Yes, there is a Safe Assign draft box located within all classrooms that use Safe Assign.You can submit your assignment to the Safe Assign draft box to check the score before submitting to the official assignment Safe Assign box.


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