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This score is a warning indicator only and papers should be reviewed to see if the matches are properly attributed.

This is done using the “Assessments” button at the top of these different content posting options.

Instructors set the dates when the Assignment link will be active, a Due Date, the number of attempts allowed, and the points possible.

Sentence matching scores are the percentage probability that two sentences have the same meaning.

This number can also be interpreted as the reciprocal to the probability that these two sentences are similar by chance.

When an assignment is designated as a Safe Assignment, the student work submitted will be checked against various databases and the Internet for matching text (see Blackboard’s help page for more information).

An “Originality Report” is generated which indicates the total percent match between the student’s submission and the sources checked during the review process.

There is a comment box in which you can make comments and a Browse button with which to attach a file.

The following are the current acceptable file formats for Safe Assignments: .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .html, .pdf, Back to Top Once submitted, Safe Assign checks the originality of your work by comparing the text to text on the Internet, within published articles, and to the work of other students at UALR.

Instructors can create a Safe Assignment by selecting the option “Check submissions for plagiarism using Safe Assign” under “Submission Details” when creating an Assignment.

Instructors also decide whether students see the “Originality Report” or not.


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