Rutgers Admission Essay 2011

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I come home each day from third grade to draw my laptop pictures.

I improve my art, and by middle school I’m making drawings in the Adobe Suite instead...“Noooo!

How would you benefit from and contribute to such an environment?

Consider variables such as your talents, travels, leadership activities, volunteer services, and cultural experiences. I wanted to become better, so I practiced whenever I could.

When the time came to visit colleges, I scheduled a number of campus tours and information sessions at various institutions that are well known for their education programs, education being the field I aspire to go into.

This included NYU’s Open House on October 12th, 2013...Although the piece is incredible, the story of finding it is even better... Warnke, whose enthusiasm about the subject of biology inspired me and sparked my interest in the biological field of science.He told stories of his work in biology research labs at locations ranging from Princeton University to the Bahamas. As the kids in class to the left and right of me groaned and nodded off to the sound of Warnke’s rambling about the research he had done, I became enticed with his research endeavors and wished to someday partake in some traveling and research of my own... The grounds steepens, and my eyes are fixed on the natural staircase of rocks up ahead. My breathing is heavy and my hands are numb, yet I continue.College Freshman have reached a point in their lives where they have formulated their own biases toward other people and sometimes feel like they know all about the world without actually seeing it.I have personally seen the effects of stereotypes in my own life and acknowledge its widespread presence... I never saw the other half of education: no power standards, no graded tests—nothing limited my interests. Everything is fascinating—little square patterns and buckets of color—and soon I am pencil tool master.I didn’t know then that the institution wouldn’t just teach me self-defense, but would radically change my perspective in life...Recommended Personal Statement: Rutgers University is a vibrant community of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.There will be many different people who have hobbies similar to mine, like tennis.Meeting new people will lead me to new friends and interests.The university had agreed to pay Toni Morrison, the Nobel laureate, ,000 to appear that year. New Jersey can enact legislation about the use of state funds, as this bill does.(So far, no legislation has addressed the idea that the star of MTV's earned more at Rutgers than did Morrison.) Versions of legislation to limit spending on speakers -- known as "the Snooki bill" -- have been introduced regularly since 2011. But state funds weren't used to pay Snooki -- student fees were -- so legislators have admitted that the new law does not prevent the use of student fees to bring another reality star (or anyone) to campus.


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