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makes explicit the contribution to the final grade of each element of writing.For example, an instructor may choose to give 30 points for an essay whose ideas are sufficiently complex, that marshals good reasons in support of a thesis, and whose argument is logical; and 20 points for well-constructed sentences and careful copy editing.In WIM courses, this language should be revised to name specific disciplinary conventions. Conference on College Composition and Communication.

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But analytic rubrics can be time-consuming to produce, and raters may judge the writing holistically anyway.

Moreover, many readers believe that writing traits cannot be separated.

General tenets to analytic scoring: Advantages of an analytic rubric include ease of training raters and improved reliability.

Meanwhile, writers often can more easily diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of their work. Kee, Heidi A., and Dànielle Nicole De Voss De Voss, Eds.

Sentences should be clear, without vagueness or ambiguity and without grammatical or mechanical errors.

A complete holistic rubric for a research paper (authored by Jonah Willihnganz) can be downloaded here.

They wonder why one faculty member values evidence and correctness before all else, while another seeks a vaguely defined originality.

Writing rubrics can help address the concerns of both faculty and students by making writing assessment more efficient, consistent, and public.

116.) Here is an example of a partial holistic rubric: A 6 summary meets all the criteria. The main points in the article appear in the summary with all main points proportionately developed.

The summary should be as comprehensive as possible and should read smoothly, with appropriate transitions between ideas.


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