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Leonard Birchall, the "Saviour of Ceylon", discovered the approach of the Japanese fleet during the Second World War and showed courage and leadership as a prisoner of war in Japan. John de Chastelain was twice Chief of Defence Staff and helped to monitor the Peace Accords in Northern Ireland.Romeo Dallaire headed the United Nation forces in Rwanda.Many former cadets gave their lives during both world wars, and in Afghanistan.

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There is no science to writing your best essay and there are many different approaches you can take.

However, there are a few dos and don'ts you should consider when writing your Your college essay, along with your high school record, standardized test scores, and extracurricular involvement, will all be considered when a college makes it's admissions decision.

Consider your purpose, your tone, and what you ultimately want to convey in your essay.

Make sure that you decide on a style, topic, and tone that you feel comfortable writing about, not something you think the admissions committee wants to read.

A thoughtful, well-written, creative essay can cast your application in a positive light.

Keep this in mind and take full advantage of the opportunity you have with your essay.During this read-through, you should consider matters like organization, style, grammar, spelling, and tone.Once you have rewritten your first draft, try it out on your family, friends, English teacher, or guidance counselor - they may be able to offer helpful suggestions for improving the quality of the draft.Spiritually he belonged with the Royal Canadians who had gone to fight the Boers for Queen Victoria; his cadets were unlikely to be allowed to forget that her great-great-granddaughter was Queen of Canada or that he had learnt his drill at the depot of her Foot Guards.' - During the Convocation Ceremony on Wednesday May 14, H24263 Dr. Cowan said to the Class of 2008 "Of the first 170 cadets who entered RMC from 1876-1883 eight received knightships for feats of leadership in many fields of endeavor on at least four continents." After 1919 [ by a Canadian decision] Canadian were no longer eligible for knighthood.Those ex-cadets serving in the British forces were not under any such restriction and so we have the later appointments.Others may present you with a broad, more generalized suggestion, but will still give you the opportunity to write about a topic of your choice.No matter which situation you find yourself in, here are a few general tips in deciding on the topic of your essay: Before you actually sit down to write a draft of your essay, spend some time organizing your thoughts and developing a framework for your ideas.The first step in shaping how you approach the essay is understanding what the purpose of the essay is to the people reading it - the admissions committee.For admissions officers, the essay is important for two major reasons: Some colleges and universities will give you a topic to write about or present you with several specific topics to choose from.Finally, remember to leave room for flexibility and creativity as you write.If you find yourself moving in a different direction than what you originally brainstormed, that's O. - just make sure your essay flows well from beginning to end.


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