Rounding Homework

For instance the one in the number 4126 is in the hundreds place.Children making errors in rounding usually need to step back and work on place value.Get a free sample copy of our Math Salamanders Dice Games book with each donation!

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3rd Grade : Students can start with rounding to the nearest ten and hundred of small numbers, and estimating sums.

4th Grade : They can continue practice with rounding to the nearest ten and hundred of large numbers.

A good way of explaining this is to use a number line.

If the unit of the number is less than five, the number needs to be rounded down.

Rounding numbers means adjusting the digits (up or down) to make rough calculations easier.

The result will be an estimated answer rather than a precise one.The challenges can be tackled individually or with a partner.Each challenge involves using rounding knowledge and properties of numbers to work out the correct answer.5th Grade : There are a number of questions on rounding to the nearest thousand and rounding to the nearest dollar to help sharpen their skills.6th Grade : Students can focus on rounding decimals, and revise other lessons to build confidence in their abilities.Using these sheets will help your child to: In our Rounding Practice zone, you can practice rounding a range of numbers.You can round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or even 1000.The following worksheets involve different Third Grade place value activities such as counting in thousands, hundreds, tens and ones, reading, writing and ordering numbers to 10,000, and know what number each digit represents.Using these sheets will help your child to: The Math Salamanders hope you enjoy using these free printable Math worksheets and all our other Math games and resources.On this page, you will find a great mix of worksheets, from estimating sums, rounding to the nearest ten, rounding to the nearest thousand to rounding to the nearest dollar.You can select any skill or follow the below guide to navigate through and get the most out of our worksheets.


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