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This scene is quite a contrast to the previous one, whereas the previous one was happy, because Romeo and Juliet were married in secret by Friar Lawrence, who said that their marriage would end the feud, ‘FRIAR LAWRENCE: These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die like fire and powder, Which as they kiss consume.’ Friar Lawrence states here that the feud will die like a fire, it will be snuffed out as Romeo and Juliet kiss. It starts off with Mercutio and Benvolio joking around, with Benvolio telling Mercutio to go back home, because the Capulets are about, and they might get into a brawl, and Mercutio replies using his wit, asking how Benvolio, a man who could get into a fight with anyone, over almost anything, could lecture him about not getting into a quarrel with someone.

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The viciousness and dangers of the play’s social environment are dramatic tools that Shakespeare employs to make the lovers’ romance seem even more precious and fragile—their relationship is the audience’s only respite from the brutal world pressing against their love. ” refers specifically to his unluckiness in being forced to kill his new wife’s cousin, thereby getting himself banished (3.1.131).

The fights between Mercutio and Tybalt and then between Romeo and Tybalt are chaotic; Tybalt kills Mercutio under Romeo’s arm, flees, and then suddenly, and inexplicably, returns to fight Romeo, who kills him in revenge. It also recalls the sense of fate that hangs over the play.

The word effeminate is applied by the public world of honor upon those things it does not respect.

In using the term to describe his present state, Romeo accepts the responsibilities thrust upon him by the social institutions of honor and family duty.

He does this by fighting, then killing one of his new family members, Tybalt, in revenge of killing Mercutio.

At hearing the news of this the Prince Escalus, a kinsman of Mercutio, decides not to kill Romeo, but banish him, to Mantua, which sends him away from his wife, and his family.

The Drama of Shakespeare: Act 3, Scene 1 There are many techniques in which Shakespeare uses in order to make Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet dramatic.

This scene is dramatic as there is a case of two deaths of young men.

This technique is called ‘pathetic fallacy’, which is when the weather echoes the mood of a character.

This line is Benvolio telling Mercutio t oleave as the Capulets were around as he could feel the heat of the day would bring trouble. ...espeare used many different techniques in order to make Act3 Scene1 dramatic, which many of the techniques being dramatic irony and ironies on certain words e.g. I think the good use of dramatic irony gave this scene the outcome that is has, as it the characters knew about Romeo and Juliet’s marriage there would have been a different outcome.


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