Roman And Han Comparison Essay

“State enterprises were placed in the hands of trained bureaucrats, appointed and promoted on the basis of merit” (Scarre 393).The empire’s economy was greatly improved due to the silk trade, which utilized a trade route called the Silk Road to bring silk to many different kingdoms, including the Roman Empire.

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The might of the Roman Empire originated from many of the things that made the Han Empire so strong.

Although Julius Caesar is usually considered the first Emperor, it was Augustus who “consolidated and expanded the Roman Empire,” stabilizing and reinforcing the frontiers in the process (Scarre 309).

Han China and Ancient Rome are without doubt two of the most powerful and famous empires in ancient times. The Chinese heartland lay along the valleys of the Huang or Yellow River and the Chang river.

In the annuals of Chinese history, Liu Bang was regarded as an emperor who contributed a There are the Himalayas and Tian Shan toward the West, the Pacific Ocean in the East and the Gobi desert in the North.

Unlike the Qin dynasty, “the [Han] empire was ruled primarily through commanderies, though there were also a number of small subject ‘kingdoms,’ entrusted to members of the Han dynasty” (Scarre 389).

The use of prefectures to localize government and economy greatly helped with the task of running such a large empire.

The Chinese culture also saw a number of scientific discoveries during this period, including the use of blast furnaces to refine iron, which was then made into many tools and weapons.

In addition, the Han Empire experienced great military success against their enemies.

Through military might, administrative genius, and architectural achievement, the Roman Empire was able to assume dominance over Northern Africa, the Middle East, and most of Europe.

It maintained that dominance until its decline due to a variety of factors.


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