Roaring Twenties Essay

This paper will discuss on how the Roaring 20s was a time of optimism in Canada.

In forming the conclusion, statistical analysis was conducted in respect to the topic of discussion.

In the several years of the Twenties, the financial system was flourishing, there was popular social reform, new features of tradition were set up, and people identified superior methods to enhance their life-style and get pleasure of life.

The 1920’s show us the transforming behaviors of American's for foreign interaction, community, and recreational exercises.

After the First World War, most people were ready to start a new life.

Though jobs were readily available, most of the soldiers returning from the battlefields created a surplus of workers.

As a result, the improved demand and supply of goods led to a situation where most individuals were absorbed as workers in industries.

Prairie farmers whose market had earlier on collapsed saw an improvement in their markets.

Spending on leisure became an important factor in American life. The soldiers who came back had brought many different points of view with them.

These were trickling down to the families, the gossips of unemployed women and longer desirable.


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