Rise Of Hitler Essay Questions

Rise Of Hitler Essay Questions-39
Why did attempts at disarmament between the wars fail?What were the characteristics of totalitarianism as practiced between the wars?Describe the political battle between the Conservative and Labour Parties in Britain during the inter-war years.

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Hitler and the Nazis often referred to the latter as "November criminals." Hitler and other Nazi speakers carefully tailored their speeches to each audience.

For example, when speaking to businessmen, the Nazis downplayed antisemitism and instead emphasized anti-communism and the return of German colonies lost through the Treaty of Versailles.

Bruening miscalculated the mood of the nation after six months of economic depression.

The Nazis won 18.3 percent of the vote and became the second largest political party in the country.

Hitler was a powerful and spellbinding orator who, by tapping into the anger and helplessness felt by a large number of voters, attracted a wide following of Germans desperate for change.

Nazi electoral propaganda promised to pull Germany out of the Depression.

As a result, more than half the deputies in the 1932 Reichstag had publicly committed themselves to ending parliamentary democracy.

When Papen was unable to obtain a parliamentary majority to govern, his opponents among President Hindenburg's advisers forced him to resign.

As a result of the election, a "Grand Coalition" of Germany's Social Democratic, Catholic Center, German Democratic, and German People's parties governed Weimar Germany into the first six months of the economic downturn. The worldwide economic depression had hit the country hard, and millions of people were out of work.

The unemployed were joined by millions of others who linked the Depression to Germany's national humiliation after defeat in World War 1.


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