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In Canada, humor has become a way of pushing back against America’s cultural and political dominance, like a class clown subtly undermining the teacher.

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Several comedians said that they tried to push Canadians to see problems in their own country, but that American portrayals of Canada as a paradise made this more difficult.“Our identity is smug complacency,” Brandon Hackett, another cast member, said.

“That’s the Ontario license plate slogan: ‘Smugly Complacent.’”The Canadian satirist Bruce Mc Call, in a 2013 essay for Vanity Fair, explained his nation’s comedy as a response to feeling smothered by the Americans, robbing Canadians of a fully distinct identity.

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“Investigators have ruled the death a suicide, the result of 300 million gunshot wounds to the foot.”Luke Gordon Field, a producer, said pleasing Canadian audiences with jokes about the United States could feel too easy — sometimes for uncomfortable reasons.“In Canada, we will always default to superiority.” he said. But it’s an interesting form of superiority, where it’s coupled with a desire for recognition from Americans. Because we’re the ones who smelt it, not the ones who dealt it.”The current main stage show, “Everything Is Great Again,” repeatedly lampoons Mr.

The only thing audiences love more than a comic who mocks the United States is one who finds success there.”Much as American comedy often wrestles with issues of race, Canada’s focuses on a different question of coexistence: life next to the larger, louder United States. Trump and his supporters but never mentions him by name.

Try to imagine an American audience laughing at a passing reference to, say, Canada’s finance minister.

(It’s Bill Morneau, by the way, and he manages the world’s 10th-largest economy.) That Canadians go for this is a sign of just how overwhelmed they are by all things American — a source of endless irritation, alleviated by taking the culprits down a peg.


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