Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Supersize Me

Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Supersize Me-10
My favorite interview was with John Robbin the son of the late owner of Baskin Robins.

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Lighting was good as well, I didn’t see any glares when he filmed people with glasses, the shots that he captured when it was day light was very clear, although there were some shots that were a little off balance.

His sound was great, it was never to high nor to low, I could hear everyone that he interviewed.

The film-maker cooperates with three doctors (a gastroenterologist, a cardiologist, and a general practitioner) who indicate the changes in his physical and psychological state (Sheehan, 2005, p.69).

However, the principal idea to which Spurlock constantly returns throughout his documentary is that Mc Donald’s fast food increases obesity in the United States (Sheehan, 2005, p.68).

Spurlock shows us that by all the different ratios, statics, research, and studies that are provided in the film.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Supersize Me

He did a great job with making this film relatable to everyone.

I found it funny how he captured the way Mc Donalds made chicken nuggets and how they started out as over grown chicken.

He also had propaganda visuals that would pop out when necessary, which I thought was very different.

The more he ate in Mac Donald’s, the more side-effects he experienced, including depression, fatigue, sexual problems, headache, and chest pain.

The camera captures all emotional and physical changes which occur in Spurlock.


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